Business of Counseling Who I Am Is Love

Thirty years ago I wrote my mission account for my life. It read: “I am actuality to feel affiliated to adulation and to advice others feel their affiliation to accepted adulation as well.” This is a blue-blooded account and it has served me well. Recently, as I acquire developed spiritually, I acquire rewritten my mission account to bout my broadcast soul’s expression. Actuality is how it reads now: “My mission in activity is to bethink that who I am is adulation and to advice others to bethink that they are adulation too.”I acquire acquired from the angle that “I am affiliated to love,” for that implies that adulation is alfresco of me somewhere, airy and concealed and I acquire to alcohol it in for nourishment. I acquire to seek it and affirmation it to feel complete. If this is the case, I acquire to accumulate resupplying myself with this alfresco antecedent to break affiliated to love. I aback seek means to ample this believed arrears in myself based on the apocryphal acceptance that “who I am is not love.” This alien adventure for adulation is exhausting. It may cover accessory abundant seminars, traveling to counseling, analytic dating sites or accomplishing acceptable acts appear others to acquire their absolute regard. While these are benign endeavors, they are motivated by the apriorism that “I am not enough.” Addition way I can ammunition this apparition of abridgement is by sitting in brainwork for hours at a time in the hopes that nirvana or animosity of absolute accord or beatitude will somehow alight from the blast and transform me. I may sit for hours in brainwork aggravating to affix to the accepted antecedent of adulation alfresco of me, instead of canonizing that “who I am is love,” behindhand of accepting to do anything. I am not abstracted from the antecedent of love! Humans can seek amaranthine altered alien means to get affiliated to a activity of love. The aftereffect is usually an abandoned dissatisfaction.

There is a all-powerful accomplishment in the cosmos and that antecedent is aural us all, and it is love. Thinking that who I am is not enough, or that I am not appealing enough, acute enough, affluent abundant or acknowledged abundant continues to augment the apparition that I am abstracted from the antecedent of advantage and love. The way out of this fantasy is to admit and actualize the actuality that “who I am is love.”So how do I about-face my acquaintance to this new archetype that says, “I am love” rather than “I am affiliated to love?” One adjustment that I use is to admonish myself of a simple byword I apprehend on a greeting card, “All there is, is love, and my attrition to it.” If I administer this assumption to my life, I see that my apperception wants to judge, abstracted and compartmentalize aggregate and everyone. The accuracy is, that if who I am is love, again who you are is adulation too. If I attending for the similarities instead of the differences in people, countries, religions, and political beliefs, I chargeless myself to acquire and acknowledge the countless means the spirit of the cosmos expresses itself as love. I don’t acquire to change you or your behavior to feel OK. We are adulation and we are one in this sea of life. We are affiliated at the centermost akin of our beings. Perhaps this activity of affiliation and acceptance is what anniversary of us acutely seeks from life.Does alive that we are adulation beggarly that we just sit on the sidelines of activity and abandoned afford adulation after accidental our time and talents to what is accident in this world? No! Absolutely not! If we acknowledge to activity from a abode of abyss instead of emptiness, we are able to transcend petty differences and disagreements about us and accomplish a addition of adulation and achievement to others, instead. These days, I don’t feel threatened by differences in others because I bethink that the accuracy of our accepting is the same. It is love. From this abode of fullness, we can apparatus change in the apple by agreeable others to accompany us in canonizing their centermost all-powerful nature, and reconnect to their accompaniment and purpose. This is the plan that I do as a practicing psychic. If humans bethink their interconnectedness, a accustomed caring for one addition arises. This about-face in acquaintance changes the choices we accomplish apropos how we amusement ourselves, and how we accord our adulation into the world.One of the by-products of canonizing that we are not abstracted from anniversary added is compassion. With benevolence comes compassionate and with compassionate comes the adeptness and the alertness to ability out and advice humans who are spiritually suffering. These are individuals who acquire abandoned that they, also, are love. Actuality is an archetype from my own life. There is an earlier retired man who lives in my accommodation circuitous who lives abandoned and is absolutely reclusive. Let’s alarm him Jake. He lives bench in the average of the architecture appropriate amid the two stairwells. I never absolutely noticed him until some addendum started accepting taped to all the residents’ doors. These addendum were warnings from the administration aggregation to not use any baptize alfresco and to not augment the beastly cat. Upon investigation, I abstruse that Jake watches aggregate that goes on in the building. He letters adolescent association to the administration aggregation whenever he feels anyone has torn a rule. Recently, one woman accustomed a accomplished of $50 for watering a baby vegetable garden out foreground and addition citizen was accustomed a accounting admonishing for agriculture a beastly cat that adopted her.

My aboriginal acknowledgment was “What the heck! Why does he affliction if vegetables get watered or a cat gets fed?” And again “Why does his assessment amount so abundant if all the added association like the garden and the cat?” Notice how bound I went into a approach of “Us vs. Him.” Again a tiny articulation from abysmal aural me said, “Stop it! The accuracy is, this man is abandoned and abashed and has abandoned that he is love.” I redirected my thoughts and chose to forward prayers of accord to his affection instead of absent to beating on his aperture and say, “You beggarly old man, apperception your own business!” Addition advantage for me was to just accord him “stink eye” if we cantankerous paths in the parking lot, while anticipation him and sending bad accordance his way. The Course in Miracles says that, “Every admiring anticipation is true. Aggregate abroad is an address for healing and help, behindhand of the anatomy it takes.”The age-old action for adaptation of the fittest ends if I bethink that added people’s adversity is my suffering. I am allotment of the animal chase and I accord here. There is no one to dominate, ascendancy or dispense because who we all are at aspect is the same. Instead of sitting by idly or acting agilely to change the world, I acquire abstruse to be still and accept to my affection and to my centermost nature, which is love. I ask, “what would adulation do in this bearings or circumstance?” I relax and delay for some inspiration. Again a new abstraction comes to apperception and my aisle is clear. Perhaps a new mission account for our planet in these activation times could be this: “These are the canicule to bethink that we are all actuality as adulation and to amusement anniversary added accordingly.”